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The K-BIS document

The K-BIS is the document attesting to the legal existence of a commercial enterprise or company in France. It is an extract from the trade and company register (kept by the commercial court). It is the company’s identity card, the document attesting to the identity and address of the registered person and its activity.

Our platform and services

Our private platform, independent of the commercial court registration platforms, allows you to download up to 5 K-BIS per month, to receive them by mail (also 5 per month), to retrieve a VAT number from a SIREN, and to monitor your name and your brand by monitoring the company registrations in your department.

Subscription-based offer

Access to the services offered by the platform is charged at £39 per month, after a 2-day trial period at a rate of £0.99. The subscription is without obligation and can be cancelled at any time on request or from your customer area.

KBIS-Registre issues you with your official Kbis certificate immediately upon completion of your application but is not a government service.