Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
10 December 2020

Automatically collected data

We automatically collect certain data, either as a result of your use of the site or through the use of cookies or other web analytics services described in our current policy. This data is of several types, including :

Usage data
We collect data about your interactions with the site, including pages visited and links clicked, types of logins to third party application accounts, etc. We may also collect information about your use of the site. The usage data collected also includes searches performed, job postings selected, connection times and frequencies, as well as the duration of these connections, openings and clicks of e-mails sent.

Connection data
When you use the Site, we automatically collect login information, including in cases where you do not have an account and are in offline mode. This data includes links to third party sites, IP address, access times, type of browser, operating system and network used, characteristics of the connecting device, as well as the order in which pages of the Site are viewed.

We use cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags, local storage and mobile device identifiers. The cookies we use have a lifespan of between 30 days and 12 months to one day, depending on the types of cookies used.
Cookies can be blocked in your browser settings. You also have the possibility to delete your cookies at any time.

Location data
As the site is adapted to several geographical areas and languages, we collect general data about your location, such as your IP address. This data enables us to provide you with services tailored to your geographical and linguistic context and also to personalise the content for you.

How we use your data
We use the personal data we collect from you through computer systems and processes for statistical, commercial and marketing purposes. This data is processed in the light of our legitimate interest in improving the site and the services offered, with the aim of providing you with the best possible experience.

Use of your account and documents
Your account operates on the basis of personal information, such as your email address and password, which are necessary for your identification on the site.

Service improvement objectives
We use behavioural data and information related to your navigation in order to detect anomalies and prioritise the execution of projects to meet the needs of as many people as possible, while developing solutions for as many specific situations as possible.
Surveys and research can be carried out to improve services. We can more easily reach a specific audience when we use data.
Setting up tests or beta phases requires testing functionality during development, which is why we collect information for analysis, evaluation and quality and performance audits.

Ensuring safe and secure use in ...
Detecting and preventing abuse, incidents, spam, fraud, identity theft and any suspicious activity.
Verifying the identity of users and authenticating connections.
Analysing risks related to the security and proper functioning of the site
Improve the performance, stability and protection of your data
To prevent activities that are contrary to regulations, our general terms and conditions and, in general, those that harm our users. 

Provide technical assistance
We process this data with a view to continuous improvement focusing on four key areas: safety, performance, experience and service.
This data is processed in the light of our legitimate interest in improving the platform, offering our users the best possible experience and, where applicable, in the satisfactory execution of the contract concluded with you (for example, the conditions of service).

Personalise content, interactions and advertising by ...
Improve the experience of our users by adapting content, recommendations and interfaces according to personalisation criteria.
Measuring the performance of contact channels with our users, as well as the interactions between our users and the interface.
Controlling promotional operations, games, competitions, additional activities proposed or supported by the website.
Using automated decision systems, based on our users' profile attributes, as well as on their use of the website, according to the information provided by users, on interactions with content and services, as well as by means of data completed by third parties at the user's request. We create what we call groups, segments or cohorts that are grouped together, for example according to criteria such as sector of activity, career paths or training. These groups enable us to offer varied content that is tailored to our users. We may use third-party marketing and advertising services to promote products or services on the website that use information gathering processes through your browser, such as when you see an advertisement, IP address, or the type of content viewed.
We may need to use your personal data for new purposes, but we will not do so without informing you by updating our various policies or terms and conditions and, most importantly, without your informed consent.

Where we hold your data
The data is stored in databases with infrastructure in the Netherlands. They are likely to transit through France or another Member State of the European Union. Users from non-EU countries are not treated differently, either in terms of storage, security or compliance with the applicable laws in force.

Sharing your data
Your personal data is initially visible only to you and our team.
in particular in the context of technical assistance, and by the partners you have authorised. No sharing takes place without your prior agreement.
When data is about to be shared with a partner for the first time, we will inform you of the data involved in the sharing process and the purpose for which it is being shared with that third party. This usually involves automated account creation, the use of algorithms, and the publication of documents.

The data collected may be shared with a partner, in most cases following processing that prevents the user from being identified, in order to offer you targeted content and services, adapted to different forms.

Aggregated data
We may need to share aggregated data, which will have been previously processed, to prevent identification of a user, for compliance, statistical, market research, advertising, marketing and other commercial purposes.

Compliance with legislation
We may share data with law enforcement agencies, magistrates or courts in the context of fulfilling our legal obligations, complying with legal or judicial procedures, in the event of litigation, fraud or claims. We may also share data with the aforementioned institutions if we or you or any of our other users are liable, or to enforce our terms and conditions, our rights and the security of the site.
Our data is updated in real time
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